James Perryman Founder, Joe Finn Collection

Meet the Man behind Joe Finn Collection

 The Man Behind Joe Finn Collection

Joe Finn Collection was created by James Perryman, the gentleman’s grooming specialist. He developed the brand for men who have a desire to be more than trendy, yet sophisticated and refined with their style. Perryman’s recognition of the need to offer grooming products to the refined and cultured man gave birth to Joe Finn Collection.

James Perryman was born and reared in Detroit, Michigan. He is also a Men's Grooming expert. His experience in the realm of barbering gave him first-hand knowledge of the importance of grooming with the correct products.

Being unable to find products that could effectively cater to all skin types and hair textures, Perryman decided to create something that would revolutionize hair and skin care. Perryman then conducted extensive research and testing on formulas that he found to be effective.  At the end of this process, Perryman was able to introduce a product line designed to enrich the user with all-natural ingredients.

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 Joe Finn Collection is not just a brand - it’s a lifestyle.

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