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Top 5 Beard Grooming Tools for 2021

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All around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many men to remain indoors. This has led to men cutting and trimming your beards at home.  Whether your current barber is limiting their customers or you've opted to do an at home DIY, choosing a suitable grooming tool can be a daunting task, but don't fret, our team at Joe Finn Collection has decided to help. 

To help you make the task of choosing the right grooming tool, we have listed some fantastic grooming tools to help you stay fresh and look your best. From short to long beards, we will be focusing on clippers that have proven to be an excellent grooming tool for all men with beards of any length. 

  1. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

The Andis Professional T-Outliner are a user favorite and considered a staple of any man’s grooming collection.  T-blade offers highly precise trims and cutting.  This close-cutting trimmer reduces bumps and irritation. It is small, compact design and offers excellent value for money


Great For Outlining & Designing

The Andis Professional T-Outliner is made to provide precise trims that will let you create the best outlines. To give your hair, mustache, and beard a super-fine, clean look, a trimmer like Andis T-Outliner, is a must to have. 

Powerful Motor

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer consists of powerful magnetic motors that give the smoothest trims. As powerful as they are, they’re also reticent in their operation, making them an even more favorable choice for most barbers. The fast motor makes sure that the hair is trimmed swiftly and very precisely. 

T-Blade Trimmer

Since the Andis Professional T-Outliner has a T-blade, it automatically becomes the preferred choice for all sorts of detailing and designing. With the T-blade, you can precisely get the trims and designs you want on your hair. They’re also great for shaping up your beards and give them perfectly squared edges, where needed. 

  1. Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit

The Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit is the perfect tool.  Wahl is trusted by many industry professionals.  It comes with a powerful heavy-duty motor.  You can adjust the taper lever to have varying levels of faded cuts and trims.  It’s a complete barber set with 30 different pieces. 


All in One

The Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit comes with all that you can need to look your best. This particular kit will help in all kinds of haircuts and hair trims for all hair types. This kit is a 30-piece kit and will provide you everything that you need. It offers multi-cut clippers, a cordless touch up trimmer, & cordless personal trimmer with 2 attachment heads

Razor-Sharp Blades

The blades that come with this kit are of the highest and sharpest quality. Made from carbon, these blades are self-sharpening so that you get a smooth and quick trim every single time. To keep the razor blades in pristine condition, we advise you to oil them now and then. 

Trusted Brand Name 

Wahl is one of the most renowned and trusted brands in the industry. Clippers and trimmers made by Wahl are trusted upon and used by many prominent professionals of the barber industry. The reason behind this trust is because of the number of years they’ve been in business. And also because of the quality of the products they deliver. 

  1. MANSCAPED Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer is designed especially for trimming groin hair.  It has a cordless design, offers full water resistance. The blades are even rustproof.  No more stubbles and chafing for men that grow unwanted groin hair.


The Lawn Mower

The main reason behind this trimmer being named the lawnmower is that it is everything you’ll ever need as a shaving solution for your groin area. With its soft yet sharp blades and an easy to handle design, you can get the best trim and keep yourself clean and groomed.

Great Functionality

The Manscaped Trimmer offers impressive functionality. To start, the best feature of this product is the fact that it’s waterproof. Moreover, charging this trimmer is also very easy. All you need is a USB charging cable, one that you might be using to charge your phones as well. 

Hair length down there can vary from man to man. And this critical attention to detail was incorporated in its functionality as it has an adjustable comb. This way, you can easily adjust the blade and shave according to the hair length. 

Sharp Blades

The blades on Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer are thoroughly water and rustproof. Furthermore, they have a ceramic snap-in design that keeps the hygienic and clean all the time. All in all, the blades are great and can cut through all types of hair very swiftly and smoothly. 

  1. Beard Trimmer by Bevel - Clippers for Men

The Beard Trimmer by Bevel, as the name suggests, is an excellent beard trimmer that allows you to shape and trim your beard in the way you want. You can easily make adjustments to the trimmer according to your liking without using any tools or loosening any screws. Gives up to 4 hours of runtime and can run with and without a cord. It has a 360-degree non-slipping rubber grip with a built-in adjustable dial for easy cleaning.


Perfect Gift Item

The Beard Trimmer also works as the perfect gift if you want to make a man feel special and also subtly want them to look good and groomed, you can gift them the Beard Trimmer by Bevel, and we’re sure that they’ll love it. The Trimmer comes in really nice packaging and has a fantastic design as well, which makes it even more suitable as a gift on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. 

Ultimate Control & Comfort

The trimmer's upper portion has a black rubber covering, which provides you a soft spot to hold your trimmer from. This means you can have a better grip, and the trimmer will be less prone to slipping out of your hand while you trim. In addition, it has a silver-colored body, which greatly compliments the overall look of the trimmer’s body. 

Powerful Battery & Blades

The Beard Trimmer by Bevel comes with some superior batteries that give you more than 4 hours of run-time on just a single charge. You can use it with or without a cord as well for more flexibility. The blades on this trimmer are super sharp and have a built-in adjustable dial for easy cleaning.  

Moreover, the blades are also fully resistant to oil and dirt, so your blades stay clean most of the time. Giving you a smooth, fresh, and hygienic trim every single time.

  1. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

Wahls Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper and Trimmer makes for the perfect tool for beginners as it has Color-coded trim levels for easy referencing. This tool can be used with or without a cord and the blades can be removed and rinsed.


Wahl’s Greatness

Wahl, as we know, is a very renowned name in the trimming and barbering industry. The Color Pro Cordless Hair Clipper and Trimmer is another one of the numerous great products that Wahl has manufactured. 

Made For Convenience 

The Color Pro Trimmer will give you one of the most convenient usage experiences. To start, it has different color codes mentioned on top of the trimmer along with color-coordinated clips to go with it. These colors have different hair lengths mentioned on top of them. This means that you can easily choose the clipper according to your hair's preferred length and the length you want to have. For more added convenience, the trimmer is also cordless and is fully rechargeable. But you can also use it with a cord while it’s on charge. 

Great Grooming & Trimming

The blades featured on the Wahl Color Pro are super sharp, and more importantly, they’re detachable as well as rinseable. This means that after you’ve used them, you can simply take them out, clean them, and put them back in their place. Getting different trim levels is also very easy as all you’ll have to do is look at the colored trim levels, and you can attach the coordinating clipper and get your cut.

Decent Runtime

Since it can be recharged and used without a wire, the Wahl Color Pro Cordless Trimmer offers a continuous runtime of 60 minutes and you can use this trimmer anywhere on the go. Moreover, you can take it along with you on business trips and vacations as it can help your traveling adventures. With one charge, you can run it easily in short intervals and get shaves whenever and wherever you want. 

Comparison Chart






1. Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

0.70 lbs



1.75 x 1.50 x 5.25 inches

2. Wahl Clipper Home Barber Kit

1.2 Pounds



9 x 2.5 x 2 inches

3. MANSCAPED Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

12.31 Ounces



7.3 x 4.3 x 3.1 inches

4. Beard Trimmer by Bevel - Clippers for Men

1.6 Pounds



3.5 x 3.88 x 8.25 inches

5. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

1.36 Pounds



2.8 x 8.05 x 9.4 inches


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Should I buy a with-cord or a cordless trimmer?

Answer: With cord or cordless trimmer, both work pretty much the same, and no one is better than the other. If you travel more often or find yourself in remote places, we suggest you buy a rechargeable cordless trimmer. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a trimmer that you would most likely use in your home, then you can go for a with-cord trimmer. 

Question: Which is better waterproof or non-waterproof?

Answer: If you’re someone who can be a little careless when it comes to handling trimmers and water in the bathroom, then we would suggest you get a waterproof trimmer. A waterproof trimmer might cost you a little more than a trimmer, which is not waterproof, but it will also save you from a lot of trouble, and you won’t have to worry about mistakenly dipping your trimmer in water or putting it on a wet surface. 

Question: Detachable blades or non-detachable? 

Answer: Many trimmers come with blades that can’t be detached, but that doesn’t immensely affect their overall functionality. They still have dials that you can adjust to clean the trimmers and their blades. 

However, trimmers with detachable blades are much easier to clean as you can remove all the hair from the body. Moreover, you can also separately clean the blades with a brush or a cloth to get smooth trims next time. 

Question: How often should I clean my trimmer? 

Answer: Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, we would recommend that you clean your trimmer, or at least brush it a little, every time that you use it for a trim. This way, the hair won’t clog up the blades, and your trimmer’s life will be significantly extended.


The trimmers mentioned above are some of the best grooming tools all men who want to keep themselves looking sharp, clean, and groomed. The products above offer fabulous trims and will help you get your desired looks very easily and comfortably as you face the world in 2021 and beyond!

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